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Keoscopie International is the first comparative study to look at digital and mobility trends around the world.


At Keolis, we strive to do more than simply analyse citizens’ travel habits and attitudes towards public and private transportation solutions. We believe it is crucial to understand the impact of the numerous societal transformations that are underway today (changing working patterns, increased digital usage, rise in life expectancy, regional developments). Our in-depth knowledge of local specificities combined with this global insight allows us to co-construct solutions with our Public Transport Authority partners across the globe. Keoscopie International is the culmination of a structured prospective research and analysis process. This began with the launch of Keoscopie studies in France since 2007 and extended globally in 2017 with the World Mobility Report, focusing on the digital innovations and new mobility trends across 13 major cities.

key takeaways from the study

Here are some of the key takeaways from the Keoscopie International study. Discover the global results summary by clicking in the menu above and each region’s detailed results through the map on this page.

#appusage 70%
70% of smartphone users

use a transport or map application at least once a month

#intermodality 72%
72% of public
transport users

access the network using (always or almost always) another means of transportation

#multimodality 62%
62% of respondents

different modes of transportation for their outward and return trips

#walking 59%
59% of survey

walk to access public transportation networks

#newmobility 38%
38% of worldwide

use new mobility modes at least once a month

#newmobilityusers 70%
70% of new mobility

take public transport at least once a week, compared to 51% for all respondents

#technology 83%
83% of respondents worldwide

believe that technology plays a crucial role in simplifying journeys

#work 42%
42% of working
people surveyed

work most of the time or occasionally on Sundays

Results by region

Discover the results by region/country below, there are 11 regions to choose from. Each region leads to its own results page with comparisons of cities within a region along with those of chosen benchmark cities.

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